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Service Area

Chicago Premier Flight Training ® serves the greater Chicagoland area from Lewis University Airport KLOT. We also have a Chicago Flying Club.


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Our Instructors

Chicago Premier Flight Training ® instructors are licensed by the FAA to instruct primary students. All of our instructors are members of the National Association of Flight Instructors as well as Wings educated. Our instructors will always put your best interests first and will discuss with the chief pilot all aspects of your training.

Richard Todd
Chief Pilot CFII, MEI, AGI, IGI, FAASTeam Rep

Ever since I was 8 years old I have been fascinated by flight.  Due to that passion, I love to teach and talk about flying.  I hold a Certified Flight Instructor and Instrument Instructor certificate as well As Multi Engine Instructor Certificate.  I am also an Advanced and Instrument Ground instructor.  In October 2011 I was accepted as a FAA Safety Team Representative.  I believe in using the tools provided by the FAA as much as possible and really push the WINGS and FITS programs.  If you have any questions about flying please let us know!



Jason Watt
Instructor CFI, Aircraft Broker

I started flying in 2001 and was hooked from my first discovery flight.  I took a week off from work the week of 9-11-2001 to finish my private pilots license only to be unable to fly for weeks.  I ended up finishing my private pilots license in February 2002.  Soon afterwords I decided to purchase my first aircraft.  I used that aircraft to obtain my Iinstrument rating, Commercial Pilot rating, and became a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and an Aircraft Broker.  I now use my aircraft for personal and business purposes and it's one of the aircraft used by Chicago Premier Flight Training.  Whether you decide to use your flight training experience for fun trips to visit family and friends, vacation or Business I will help you achieve your goals. 

Happy Flying,


Richard Antoniolli
Instructor CFI, CFII


Anthony Lalor
Instructor CFI


Jack P. Ellingham
Instructor CFII, MEI

I started flying in 1980 and flew at Clow and Joliet airports. After earning my private pilot’s license in 1982, I later went on to earn my instrument and commercial ratings. I discovered that I liked talking to people about aviation, so much that I went on to earn my instructor ratings in 2000 along with Multi ratings. I gained experience from many years of private and commercial flying all over the United States, Canada and the Caribbean and was an owner of a C210 here at Lewis for 10 years. I was a staff instructor at New Lenox airport for several years and have years of freelance instructing here at Lewis.

I get much pleasure out of sharing my love of aviation with others and would like to share it with you.


Ted Sanders
Instructor MCFI, CFII, MEI, CFIG, AGS, FAA Gold Seal, FAASTeam Rep