A NAFI Flight Training Organization
A NAFI Flight Training Organization

Welcome to Chicago Premier Flight Training

Chicago Premier Flight Training is your one stop shop for all flying needs.  We specialize in initial flight instruction all the way through advanced ratings while keeping our customer's at the heart of our company.  Become a pilot and learn to fly our cessna aircraft today!  Please call (866) 776-9529 for more information.

Fly a real airplane for only $89

If flight training around Chicago is something you have always thought about then come out and give it a try!  It is never too late to learn!

Duration of Flight

Learn more about us and the services we offer.

Check out our new Redbird TD2 Simulator!

For the very best in flight instruction we have implemented a brand new Redbird TD2 Flight simulator to our training.  By using a simulator to supplement your journey to becoming a pilot you will significantly reduce the cost of training by thousands of dollars. Our simulator will realistically fly like the Cessna Aircraft that we rent along with the Garmin GNS430 GPS. 


Come on over to Lewis University Airport and check it out today!

A NAFI Flight Training Organization

Chicago Premier Flight Training is officially a member of the National Association of Flight Instructors Flight Training Organiziation.  As a FTO every instructor takes an oath and swears to uphold the values that are presented from NAFI.  If you are looking for the best of the best flight instruction you will find it at Chicago Premier Flight Training.


Explore our fleet of Cessna aircraft and meet our team of qualified instructors.

Why learn to Fly?

Learning to fly is excellent for the small business owner and the entrepreneur that would like to increase their business.  Even being in Chicago we cannot get to every city we want to in a day.  What if you are a small business owner and had a meeting in Peoria and needed to check on your factory in St. Louis?  You could fly yourself to both locations and be back home in time for dinner!  Be a pilot today by getting the very best flight instruction at Lewis University Airport just outside Chicago.  If you are a small business owner there are also great tax write-offs available!

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