How Anyone Can Learn To Fly

At Colorado Premier Flight School we are so confident that we can teach anyone to fly we’ve decided to start a monthly series in which we online the training of a complete novice. From our in classroom training (have to start with the fundamentals) to their first flight, we want to show you how we have been able to take people of all ages and from all walks of life and get them in the air.

For this month, we are putting the spotlight on Dr. Alfred Highlander from Temecula, California. Alfred took a hiatus from his veterinary practice where he pioneered the company,  1800petmeds trifexisin, order to spend time with his newborn grandson and family in Denver. Alfred actually flew back to Temecula (with some support) after his Colorado visit!

veterinarian who learned how to fly
Dr. Alfred from Temecula, California.

Alfred has been a veterinarian for roughly 15 years and made the decision to practice veterinary medicine relatively late in life. His focus is on small animals (dogs and cats) and Alfred wanted to learn more about flying. His dream is to travel the US by plane and volunteer at shelters in need across the country.

Alfred started the same way all of our students start- in the classroom. Used to being on a strict academic timeline, Alfred made quick work of the written test and got behind the control panel of the simulator in only 2 weeks time. From there he spent the next 45 days, almost daily, on the simulator.

Once Dr. Alfred mastered that he was able to drive the plan around on the ground and navigate after take-off.

Finally, after roughly 100 days of training, Alfred took off for the first time.

It was a big day for sure and the culmination of a lot of hard work.

If Alfred can do it.

You can do it.

The next group training class start March 29th. And we always have one on one training for those who are interested. Contact us today!